Tremont Eateries Highlight Colorful Neighborhood Art

Seven Tremont businesses invite locals and visitors to explore something that makes their neighborhood special. Fat Cats, La Bodega, Lava Lounge, Lincoln Park Pub, Prosperity Social Club, Edison’s and The South Side are partnering to launch a four-month Instagram scavenger
hunt challenge. Snap a selfie with an example of The Sign Guy’s creativity before October 31, 2017, and post it with the tag #TSGTremont for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate monthly and to be entered to win grand prize gift basket that includes $60 in gift certificates AND an original painting. Not social media savvy? No problem. Email your image to [email protected] and Prosperity Social Club can enter and share it for you.

From the Creative Fusion murals to Zoetic Walls, art is popping up in unexpected outdoor spaces across Cleveland these days. But Tremont has embraced street art for years. “Dave Witzke’s distinctive outsider art is in keeping with this community’s creative spirit and has become practically synonymous with Tremont,” says Prosperity Social Club’s owner, Bonnie Flinner. Better known as The Sign Guy, Witzke’s fire-breathing cats, deranged rabbits and other bright, cartoony characters can be found around almost every corner of the west-side Cleveland neighborhood. “Once you’re hip to the mischievous creatures you notice them peering at you from table legs, utility poles, door handles and fence posts,” says longtime Tremont resident, Kimmie Mcgee, “Their random appearances always brighten my day.”
Originally a graffiti artist, now The Sign Guy sells his work online, off the walls of local businesses and at festivals. He is also commissioned to create murals like the one that adorns Prosperity Social Club’s patio. “What Clevelander doesn’t look forward to the weather when they can escape outside with friends on a patio?” asks owner Bonnie Flinner. “His bold, playful designs make our little outdoor urban retreat
that much more fun and colorful.”

The Sign Guy’s most iconic characters are quirky, somewhat aggressive birds. “I can make my birds do pretty much anything in the name of entertainment or social commentary,” he says. “The only thing they can’t do is ride bike—I draw the line there. I mean, c’mon, these birds don’t have knees.”

For complete contest information or to find a map of The Sign Guy’s Tremont artwork, visit

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About Prosperity Social Club
Residing in an original 1938 barroom, Prosperity Social Club is open to the public, being a social club only in a figure of speech, behavior and attitude; a tip of the hat to a past era. Prosperity Social Club offers a full-service bar, great microbrews, a variety of affordable wines, performances by an array of talented musicians, a friendly staff and a smart, eclectic clientele. The kitchen stays open for late night dining with a sophisticated, tavern-style menu (that even accommodates vegetarians). It’s a true Cleveland experience.

About The Sign Guy Scavenger Hunt Challenge in Tremont
Fat Cats, La Bodega, Lava Lounge, Lincoln Park Pub, Prosperity Social Club, Edison’s and The South Side invite you to a neighborhood scavenger hunt challenge. Explore the Tremont neighborhood looking for outdoor art from The Sign Guy. Snap a selfie with one of his murals by October 31, 2017, and email it to [email protected] or post it on Instagram with the tag #TSGTremont for a chance to win prizes.