Let Your Post­ Lenten Partying Begin (Or End) In Tremont

Every Easter Monday Cleveland erupts with a huge, multi-neighborhood party for Śmigus­-Dyngus, a Polish celebration also known as lany poniedziałek or Dyngus Day. While the holiday’s exact origins are a little unclear, its offbeat customs—flirty water tossing, playful pussy willow slapping and excessive consumption of traditional Polish foods—certainly have taken hold on the city’s near west­side. This year, Tremont hotspots are stepping up the post­ Lenten frivolity with even more ethnic food specials. “Dyngus Day taps into this neighborhood’s Eastern European immigrant roots and the venues here are proudly paying homage to that history with authentic and inspired culinary offerings that range from Pork Cutlets Smothered in Wild Mushroom Sauce at The South Side to Kielbaski and Kraut Sandwiches at Polish Legion of American Vets Post 58,” says Bonnie Flinner, who will be serving up homemade dishes like Cabbage Rolls, Ethnic Platters and Kielbaski Corn Dogs at her pub, Prosperity Social Club.

Dyngus Day­goers can work off the butter­and­onion Sauteed Pierogi from Sokolowski’s University Inn or the stick­to­your­ribs Bigos (a Polish hunter’s stew) at Tremont Tap House with spirited, up­tempo music from acts like squeezy listening trio Malphonia, legendary accordionist Stan Mejac, five­piece polka ensemble Visinata, Jimmy Daye 7 Ethnic Jazz Ensemble and Dyngus Day organizer DJ Kishka.

And, for those who are eager to let loose from the restrictions of Lent with a shot of Sobieski Polish vodka, a bottle of Tyskie beer or a pint of Butcher and the Brewer’s Dyngus Day Cask Ale, there is safe, convenient Dyngus Day transportation to take revelers from neighborhood to neighborhood (Detroit­Shoreway, Ohio City and Tremont). Also, new this year, Tremont is also offering its own free in ­neighborhood shuttle. The Cleveland Brew Bus will run continuously between 1pm and 8pm, stopping at five Tremont venues: Tremont Tap House, Prosperity Social Club, Roosevelt Veterans Post 58, The South Side and Sokolowski’s University Inn.

Maps and additional information listing participating Tremont venues, helpful to guide merrymakers though the neighborhood, will be available prior to and on Dyngus Day.

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About Dyngus Day in Tremont
This March 28th, don a Polish crowned eagle coat­of­arms hoodie and head out to the west side of Cleveland to celebrate the end of Lent. Five stops, plenty of Eastern European fare and high­energy polka music make a trip to Tremont a great way to start or end your Dyngus Day. New, free in­neighborhood Cleveland Brew Bus shuttle makes exploring the near westside community even simpler with stops at Tremont Tap House, Prosperity Social Club, Roosevelt Veterans Post 58, The South Side and Sokolowski’s University Inn.